Pacific Roots presents cannabis peppermint calm balm. Our calm balm is a fusion of cannabis coconut oil, hemp seed oil, organic African Shea butter, and Doterra therapeutic grade essential peppermint oil. Pacific Roots topical balm is external use only and can be used on any part of your body. The calm balm helps immediate ease  of physical pain such as soreness in joints, muscles, cramps, and broken bones. Calm balm helps with migraines and headaches when applied to any region of your head. Pacific Roots calm balm is known to improve symptoms of various skin infections, poison oak, bug bites, and other skin irritations. Recommended use of the calm balm is ΒΌ of a teaspoon that is the size of your finger. If pain still persists you can use more as desired.

     If you are interested in having our product in your dispensary or delivery service please contact us on the front page and leave your email so we may contact you right back